Texas Church Shooting

November 05, 2017

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First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas was ground zero for a ghastly shooting incident, the worst ever witnessed in Texas history. Federal investigators have said the incident was recorded by church cameras used to capture church services for occasional uploading online. The footage shows that the shooting lasted for about seven minutes. The killer is said to have appeared armed with magazines capable of holding 400 rounds of ammunition. Other claims have stated that the killer was there to murder his mother in law, who was not present.

The Suspect

Devin Kelley 26 the shooter, had past run-ins with the law. He was convicted while still in the air force in 2012 for assaulting his wife and her son and served time in a military prison. He failed to obtain a Texas firearm license which may have had to do with his history of animal cruelty. After his arrest, he admitted to buying animals on craigslist and shooting them for target practice. On his arrest, investigators recovered three of four firearms he had bought.

Former associates of Kelley have come out with more information about the shooter. Edwards a co-worker in the air force confessed that Kelley had at some point told her, he was practicing shooting with dogs. He would at other times make jokes about wanting to kill someone.

The Attack

The gunman carried out the Texas church shooting on Sunday November 5th. Sources say he opened fire continuously for several minutes on all victims children included. A law enforcer’s take on the incident mentioned that the shooter methodically shot victims in the head execution-style. A video camera in the church captured the whole incident which left 26 dead and 20 badly wounded. The gunman is said to have been armed with an assault rifle. It is not clear yet how many rounds were fired said an official.

Victims and Testimonials

Names of the deceases were released with 10 women, seven men, seven children and an unborn fetus having perished. Eight people gunned down belonged to a single family, the Holcombes’. The Pastors daughter, Annabelle Pomeroy was one of the victims. Jimmy Stevens a relative to a deceased shares a testimony about how her 56 year old sister saved her grandson 18 by shielding him with her body. The grandson, Zachary Poston was shot six times in the arm, leg and backside. In the wake of Kelley’s shooting massacre, the air force has been criticized for withholding Kelley’s conviction information to federal law enforcement. 

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