President Donald Trump’s visit to North Korea

June 12, 2018

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Donald Trump

Recent Donald Trump news depicts his 11-day visit to Asia. He first landed in Seoul South Korea to meet the president and check on the US and Korean military troops. US President Donald Trump was recently forced to cancel plans for visiting the border between North Korea’s demilitarized zone due to bad weather concerns. Heavy fog literally made it impossible for the helicopters carrying the President to land. The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders affirmed that the group tried to wait an hour to try a second attempt but the plans had to be called off and the President returned to Seoul.

Trump warned North Korea that he was ready to descend on them with the full range of the US army’s potential should Kim Jong Un start any attack or endanger the lives of innocent citizens. At North Korea’s doorstep while on a visit to Seoul, he spoke out saying he was willing  to do what was necessary for his power to prevent the ‘dictator’ from endangering millions of lives. After talks with South Korean President Jae Moon, he appealed on a conciliatory note for Pyongyang to make deals with the North to end nuclear arms productions.

Kim Jong Un, on the other hand, has made it clear that he isn’t interested in negotiations and that he has a nuclear-tipped warhead capable of hitting the United States mainland. Trump’s renewed threats against ‘The nuclear man’ are far-fetched as previous approaches turned out far-cries as well. He had previously dismissed any efforts of talks with Pyongyang saying they would be a waste of time. He now urges the nation to do the right thing and adding that he sees some movement.

Many people have however expressed their relief over Trump’s failure to visit the DMZ as it would have increased tensions with North Korea. The demilitarized zone has kept the North and South apart after an armistice was signed 64 years ago. It does not serve as a peace treaty but nevertheless has been in most US President’s itinerary while visiting the region.

In other Donald Trump news, during a state visit to China, he retracted his previous negative claims on China’s trade with North Korea. He instead praised Xi Jinping and urged him to work very hard on persuading the North’s denuclearization. At the same time shifting blame to previous US governments for the trade deficits with China. Donald Trump twitter had initially stated in July, “Beijing is doing nothing for us with North Korea, just talk.”

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