New York Terror Attack

October 31, 2017

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Last month New York was grounds for a deadly terror attack, the deadliest since 2001, 9/11. The suspect using a truck as a slingshot drove into a group of people on Halloween night killing eight and injuring 12 people. The suspect is currently in custody of Homeland Security and is  beening  charged with federal terrorism. He has since been taken to court and failed to enter a plea. President Donald Trump tweeted that the suspect should be given the death penalty

The Suspect

29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov an Uzbekistan native, who was living in New Jersey prior to the attack, first came to the US in 2010 via a diversity immigrant visa. He had since then been radicalized domestically on ISIS and Islamic tactics. He was not on any investigations before the attack and even passed a background check for an Uber job he was doing before the attack. He had had a few run-ins with the law in a few states. Evidence has shown that he was linked to social media accounts containing ISIS related material. His phone was discovered with about 90 videos and 4000 pictures relating to ISIS propaganda.

The Attack

Sources say that Saipov rented a truck and drove it into a well-trafficked cycle track killing 8 and injuring over a dozen people. The truck carved a destructive path along lower Manhattan before crashing into a school bus. He left the truck brandishing imitation firearms and was shot by police. The format he used in the attack is similar to those outlined by ISIS playbook in recent years. A handwritten document recovered from the scene with Arabic and English texts stated that the Islamic state would endure.

The Victims

According to the New York police department, among the eight killed in the Manhattan truck attack, five were Argentinians, two American and one Belgian. The Argentinians were part of a group convening for their 30th anniversary high school reunion in New York City as stated by Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Ministry report.  One other Argentinian sustained injuries from the attack. The Americans who died were a 23 old from New York and a 32 year old from Milford New Jersey resident. The 31 year old woman from Belgium was on a trip to New York, the husband affirmed.

A few hours after the attack, President Trump tweeted ordering the execution of the suspect calling him an ‘animal’. Trump blamed Senator Chuck Schumer for not being thorough with immigration vetting. He immediately stated that he will have talks with Congress to terminate the Diversity lottery program.   

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