Dragon Ball Z Super Episode 115 Goku vs Kefla

November 12, 2017

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The battle of the Saiyans’ continues with the birth of a new super warrior as hinted previously. Caulifla and Kale have pressured Goku into the tournament of power. They have built momentum to use the Potara earrings as a last resort to bind them into one body. This new episode sees Caulifla and Kale of universe 6 fuses using their Potara earrings to fight Goku of universe 7 as ‘Kefla’.

Goku vs Kefla Recap

The episode begins with Kiyoshi Hikawa’s narration of how the episode will go. The two sisters fuse into Kefla and fight Goku overwhelming him with tremendous power. Fans watch as the fusion punches the Super Saiyan blue into a rock, but he is able to shake off the blow. He says he did not expect a Potara fusion in the tournament. Kefla powers up yet again and brags about how much strength she has. Goku has not recovered his full energy from the fight with Jiren.

The fusion lands a blow in the stomach of the Super Saiyan and then proceeds to whack him sinking him into the ground. The Super Saiyan is amazed by the fusion’s power and seems to be struggling. Kefla tells him not to fall for her. Beerus watching on accuses Champa god of Universe 6 of cheating and he sneers in reply they too can cheat. Zeno agrees to fusion but the grand priest shuns cheating. The fusion remains the dominator of the battle hitting Goku with a direct energy blast. Champa says Kefla is unmatched.

When the smoke clears, the Super Saiyan Blue emerges. Everyone is surprised he would go into this form given his A-Game. Kefla is excited saying she’s been waiting for that form. Her immense power begins to destroy the stadium as the two face off in a great Saiyan battle. The pair is fighting super-fast that no one can see their moves. She smacks talks saying she will rule after surpassing Goku. Goku gets the upper hand knocking Kefla into a boulder. The crowd cheers but Kefla pipes them down. They throw energy blasts against one another but Kefla gets Goku with a surprise kick knocking him out of Super Saiyan blue. The audience is stunned as Kefla contemplates her inevitable win.

Goku stands just as Kefla is throwing energy barrages at him which he deflects with ease. He begins to glow silver and floats. Kefla tries to hit him but he avoids the blasts with his eyes closed, everyone is stunned. Goku has broken his limits by going into the Ultra-instinct once more. Kefla is awed by the revelation. The two now stand to face off as ultra-instinct versus SSJ Kefla.

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