December 15, 2018

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The future is expected to phase out paper currency where all financial transactions will be electronic as evidenced by modern-day mobile banking and credit cards. Cryptocurrency- a business feature that capitalizes on digital currency should be custom made for small and large scale business places with an emphasis on hard encryption to minimize thefts, scandals and promote cash security. Cryptocurrency involves investing in digital currency and waiting to cash out after their value goes up.


It is a new British ICO company that has introduced a new cryptocurrency. They deal in cryptocurrencies investing with Bitcoin whose value amounts to over 6000 dollars. To invest with them is not that hard, you just need starting capital and a blockchain wallet to set up investments as soon as they return public. As of this moment, you can get Electroneum with just 0.01 dollars. You should take note that you are risking your investment as Electroneum is down after facing a cyber-attack.

How to buy Electroneum

At this moment, Electroneum only accepts Bitcoin and Etherium cryptocurrencies. You will have to set up a coin base account and buy cryptocurrencies. You can use their mobile app to mine from open source block chains. 


It is a peer to peer open source cryptocurrency project introduced in 2011. It has major technical differences from other cryptocurrencies such as very low payment cost and four times faster block generation.  

How to buy

Find a Litecoin exchange and convert your local currency into coins which you can then send to your wallet. Kraken based in Europe offers exchange and buying. US-based Snapcard is a broker that connects bank accounts to exchanges via ACH transfer.


Developed in 2008, it is the most known and widely used cryptocurrency. It is a peer to peer cash system that allows online cash transfers without going through an institution. Its success is associated with blockchain systems prevent overspending. It verifies transactions through its peer to peer network. It has 45% stake in all cryptocurrency market with over 57 billion dollars’ worth.

How to purchase With any starting capital, you can use mobile applications to mine coins and sell them against the value of each coin. The first step is to sign up with a coin base account for safekeeping of your bitcoins and platform for changing cryptocurrency back to local currency. The next step is to connect your bank account and make a purchase. You are then set to buy and sell coins keeping in mind the exchange rates.

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